Adding a User

Adding a User

Step 1

In the Console, in the top-right corner, click on the organization name. You are now in the Projects tab.
Click on the Users tab. Look for the blue cirlce-button with a “+” in it. Click this button.
You will now be promted to enter the user’s email address.
The user will receive an E-Mail from

Step 2 (For the User)

In the E-Mail the user has to click on Join TRUENDO Now. They have to register. If they already have a TRUENDO User account, they can use that account to Login.

Step 3

Once the user has logged in, the admin can manage the User in the following ways:

  1. Assign Admin rights to the new User. By default they will have Editor Permissions.

  2. The User can be deactivated.

  3. The user can be removed i.e. deleted from that Organisation.

Note If you assign a User with Administrator Permissions, they will be able to perform all the functions listed in Step 3.