WCAG AAA Accessiblity

Activating TRUENDO’s WCAG 2.1 Level AAA Compliance

In order to activate TRUENDO’s accessibility mode you have to add the following two attributes to the TRUENDO script:

data-accessibility="true" and data-transparency="false"

The final script will look like this:

<!-- TRUENDO Privacy Center -->
<script data-accessibility="true" data-transparency="false" async="" id="truendoPrivacyPanel" type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.truendo.com/pc/app.pid.js" data-siteid="YOUR_SITE_ID"></script>
<!-- End TRUENDO Privacy Center -->
Note: Be sure to replace YOUR_SITE_ID with the Site ID of your Domain. You can find your Site ID in your Console. Under Integration on the Integrate to Website tab.
SEO Note: WCAG Level AAA requires a <h1> tag in the privacy center. However, Google Webmasters themselves have confirmed that this does not hurt your SEO. Google Webmasters Video